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    MSI Afterburner 2.2.0 beta 4


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    MSI Afterburner 2.2.0 beta 4

    Messaggio Da Toretto0921 il Ven Lug 01, 2011 9:22 am

    MSI Afterburner è una utility che permette di intervenire a overcloccare la propria scheda video, integrata da funzionalità avanzate di hardware monitoring oltre che da un benchmark integrato.

    Tra le peculiarità segnaliamo anche la possibilità di registrare sino a 5 profili custom, accessibili attraverso hot-key così da facilitare lo switch da uno all'altro anche all'interno di una applicazione.

    Di seguito le novità introdotte in questa release:

    MSI On-Screen Display server has been upgraded to version 4.2.1. New version gives you the following improvements:
    Tuned vertex buffer usage strategy improves performance in Direct3D8 and Direct3D9 applications in raster 3D On-Screen Display rendering mode
    Fixed vertex buffer corruption bug, causing On-Screen Display to flicker randomly in Direct3D8 and Direct3D9 applications when raster 3D On-Screen Display rendering mode is enabled
    Now raster font uses managed texture instead of dynamic one to bypass broken high resolution dynamic texture pitch reporting on GTX 200 series graphics cards under NVIDIA 275.27 beta drivers
    Raster font texture size is no longer fixed. Now the server is dynamically selecting minimum possible texture size to fit selected font into it
    The skins have been changed slightly to provide more convenient raster font customization. Now raster font customization window can be open by clicking "Raster 3D" button. Holding "Ctrl" button while clicking "Raster 3D" button allows you to select pre-rendered font from bitmap file and holding "Shift" button while clicking "Raster 3D" button allows you to pre-render and save currently selected font to bitmap file
    Fixed bug causing multiple used On-Screen Display slots to overwrite each other instead of merging the slots correctly
    Added screencapture support for Direct3D10 and Direct3D11 applications using framebuffers with 10-bit RGB components (e.g. Dirt 3)
    Improved tabbed text formatting
    Now desktop video capture support and forcible Aero Glass interface toggling can be disabled via the configuration files if necessary
    Updated profiles list
    Now SDK includes new sample code, demonstrating On-Screen Display usage from any third party application. The sample is displaying CPU usage in On-Screen Display and provides third party developers helper object for RivaTuner-styled grouped OSD text formatting
    PowerTune settings are now being forcibly reapplied after changing the clocks via unofficial overclocking path to bypass bug in AMD driver causing PowerTune settings to be reset to defaults during programming PowerPlay table
    Unofficial overclocking is now ignored for inactive ULPS enabled AMD graphics cards

    Versione: 2.2.0 beta 4
    Dimensione: 6.9 MB
    Licenza: Freeware closed source

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    Sharkoon 1000 black edition | (MAINBOARD): Asus P8Z68-V | (CPU): i7 2600k cooled by Zalman CNPS9900 max | (VGA): Asus HD 6950 DirectCu II 1GB | (RAM): Mach Xtreme Tecnology 1333mhz 2X2gb | (POWER SUPPLY): Energon EPS 750w | (HARD DISK): Western Digital 500gb sata2 7200rpm Caviar Blue

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